FORUM8 Announce VR Design Studio AUTOSAR Support Plans

FORUM8 Announce VR Design Studio AUTOSAR Support Plans

Tokyo, Japan and London, UK 20th March 2020, FORUM8 has announced plans to extend the functionality of its Interactive 3D VR Simulation and Modeling software “VR Design Studio (aka UC-win/Road) to provide embedded support for the automotive industry’s common standard software architecture for in-vehicle electronic control units (ECU) AUTOSAR.

This will assist vehicle manufacturers to enhance their R&D programmes through the integration of interactive 3D VR simulation with many of the latest autonomous driving and ADAS technologies, including the IOT infrastructure needed to support V2X (vehicle-to-everything) communication systems that enable vehicles to connect securely to the Internet and 5G mobile networks.

AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture) was developed by the automobile industry’s global partnership established in 2003 whose members include BMW, Bosch, Continental AG, Ford, Daimler AG, PSA, General Motors, TOYOTA, Volkswagen together with 53 premium partners, 38 development partners and 127 associate partners.

Its main purpose is to increase the development speed of the control software needed for the next generation of autonomous vehicles by progressing the standardization of hardware and basic software (communication, library). This includes the technology needed to connect vehicles to the Cloud via satellites and 5G for real-time access to road-data, traffic updates and navigation.

FORUM8’s interactive VR-Design Studio software is deployed by hundreds of research organisations, urban planners, transportation authorities and vehicle manufacturers across all four continents to create fully immersive, realistic models of the built environment.
VR-Design Studio software simulates the real world in highly accurate interactive 3D Virtual Reality and provides added value to other industry standard transport, engineering, micro-simulation and visualization software.

With its advanced semi-automatic road network production capability, coupled with its comprehensive simulation functionality, VR-Design Studio is the ideal engine for a wide range of Driver Training, Road Safety, ADAS, V2V, V2I and Autonomous Driving R&D applications.

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