Road Safety Research

Road Safety is a critical element of any driver training programme. VR Design Studio enables extensive academic and practical research into a range of risk factors and help to raise awareness of  common safety issues when driving. Its highly photo-realistic models provide a dynamic environment  to help to train novice and experienced drivers in ways to mitigate the risks and avoid potential accidents when at the wheel of a vehicle, under a range of  driving conditions and emergency scenarios.


Advanced Features

Features and Functions

VR DS enables vehicle manufacturers and driver training organisations to research  safe and eco driving techniques in a fun and interactive way by

• Highlighting  awareness of lapses of attention caused by distractions whilst driving
• Training drivers in special driving procedures
• Examining  the behaviour and specific attention issues of individual drivers
• Preparing drivers to face and anticipate any driving situation such as climatic changes, emergency situations and road surface conditions.

Researchers and instructors can monitor all drivers on a single screen and dynamically control the driving conditions at any time, via a portable tablet or PC. In addition the controller can monitor and generate any distraction or event for individual drivers either on screen within the 3D driving environment or verbally through their headsets.

The road network can be changed to mimic the real-world driving environment and simulate all types of driving conditions including, traffic volumes, pedestrian behaviours, cyclists, different junction layouts, traffic lights, hills, potholes, rail crossings, ITS road signs and roundabouts.

The researcher can also  provide  drivers with real-world scenarios they are likely to experience while on the road including

• Traffic lights
• Accidents
• Wandering animals, Pedestrians
• High winds, rain, snow  and different road conditions

By monitoring and recording each driver’s reactions and answers to the questions sent via their headsets or appearing on  interactive tablets (option), the instructor can also pause the driving simulation at anytime to explain an error or  provide comment “live” through the driver’s headset.





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