Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Solutions

The FORUM8 software catalogue includes a wide range of specialist tools for advanced structural engineering design and behavioural analysis in major infrastructure projects such as bridges and tunnels. These are available as standalone products or as extensions to the VR-Design Studio simulation and modelling software.

The core product, Engineer’s Studio® is 3D structural analysis software for the determination of the non-linear behaviour of structures using continuous plate element analysis. Designed to meet the latest civil engineering standards for the construction of bridges and highways, Engineer’s Studio® enables shear strength and curvature verification as a test for the dynamic analysis on structures including material specifications related to load bearing, resilience and seismic influences.

Engineering Software available from FORUM8

  • UC-win/FRAME(3D) – 3D material and geometrical nonlinear analysis for framed structures
  • Engineer’s Studio® – FEM 3D material and geometrical nonlinear analysis
  • (GeoFEAS) 3D – geotechnical finite element elastoplastic analysis software
  • UWLC – dynamic effective stress analysis for ground
  • VGFlow – 3D seepage analysis
  • XPswmm – 3D flood analysis
  • 12d Model – Terrain modelling, surveying and civil engineering software package

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