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International Seminar Programme 2020

March 19th: FORUM8 Asia 2020 –  Hanoi, Vietnam

April 9th: Engineers’ Studio Workshop, – Webinar

May 15th:   Shade3D  Workshop –  Webinar

June 4th: FORUM8 Asia 2020 –  Seoul, Korea

June 8th: FORUM8 Asia 2020 –  Shanghai, China

June 23rd: FORUM8 Asia 2020 – Taipei, Taiwan

July 17th: FORUM8 Asia 2020 –  Qingdao, China

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Exhibition Schedule 2020

Milano Salone Superdesign Show

20th -26th April

Milan, Italy

See us at the FORUM8 Booth

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19th -23rd July

Washington DC, USA

Come see us at the F8 booth!

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