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FORUM8’s interactive VR-Design Studio* software is deployed by hundreds of organisations.

*NEW* - VISSIM Plug-in Now Available

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VR-Design Studio software can replicate the real world in highly accurate 3D VR and provide added value to other industry standard transport engineering, micro-simulation and visualisation software. It is used by FORUM8 customers and partners in a wide variety of transport and drive simulation applications, including the research and development of autonomous and electric vehicles, and ADAS systems.

Latest News

FORUM8’s real-time interactive 3D VR simulation and modelling software, VR-Design Studio (aka UC-win/Road) used throughout the world by urban and transport planning authorities can now be integrated with PTV Vissim, the industry’s most advanced and flexible traffic simulation software. PTV Vissim is deployed by over 2,500 cities in 150 countries to simulate complex vehicle and pedestrian interactions realistically.



Decision makers expect realistic visualizations of future infrastructure changes. We are glad to partner with Forum8 to bring PTVs realistic vehicle and pedestrian movements into Forum8s 3D VR visualization of cityscapes and road networks.”

PTV Group, Product Manager, Dr. Jochen Lohmiller

  • Drive within “real” or hypothetical 3D environments
  • From basic driving skills to heavy goods vehicles
  • Free database of over 4000 3D models available
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Factor Research
  • Ability to create unlimited number of “what if” scenarios
  • Export driving results in various formats
  • Multi-user cluster system (linking multiple simulators)
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Driving Systems
  • Replay option and video playback
  • ADAS
  • Link V2V and V2I within the simulation
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  • Advanced professional driving courses
  • Full control of all environmental conditions
  • Pedestrian simulation and off road driving
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Driving simulation development

FORUM8’s principle development objective is to enable the simulation of the real world as accurately as technically possible. This includes being able to reproduce and control every conceivable environmental effect including time of day, geographic location, shadows, street lighting, headlights, puddles, rain and snow.

  • Road traffic can be set and controlled, including vehicle speed, volume and direction. The scenario editor enables any number of “what-if” events
  • The sound of the engine, horn, tires (on different road surfaces), tunnel wind and vehicle crashes can all be simulated, as well as environmental sounds, such as rain, wind, thunder and lightning

Drive Simulation features and plug-ins

  • Highly realistic photo-realistic driving simulation
  • Left or right hand driving on or off road
  • User-friendly Scenario editor and wheel noise simulation
  • Vehicle Dynamics, including CarSim Math Model plug-in
  • Autonomous and connected vehicle simulation and research
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) simulation V2V and V2I
  • Eye tracking systems – calculation of screen coordinates possible
  • Eco-drive/carbon footprint calculations and force feedback
  • Driver diagnosis, data log export and reply plug-ins
  • Weather effects, time of day, smoke/fire particle and geolocation
  • Seamlessly import Point Cloud data, road networks and photo-logs
  • Immersive VR available using Oculus Rift
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)

Enables Transport Research

  • Human factors/cognitive responses and HILS
  • Advanced vehicle safety systems and ITS developments
  • Physical impairment and distracted driving

Facilitates Driver Training

  • VR-Drive multi-driver clustered systems
  • Teen driver programs in all weathers, on or off road
  • First responders, police, military, bus and heavy vehicles

Interactive 3D VR Environments

  • Build or import pre-built hypothetical or high quality actual road networks
  • Develop multiple driving scenarios/emergency events
  • Total control over all environmental factors

Vehicle Dynamics

  • Control in-car vehicle dynamics
  • Import data from specialist vehicle R&D software (e.g. CarSim)
  • Monitor and report on driver and vehicle performance

Driving Simulation Customisation

  • Eye tracking, digital dashboard, P in P and HUD Simulation, and HILS
  • Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE immersive 3D driving
  • Bicycle sim, rail sim, 6DOF hexapod systems
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vr technology
virtual reality technology
vr technology

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