3rd Party Plug-ins

A range of software interfaces (plug-ins) that provide added value to 3rd party industry standard software products

3rd Party Software Plugins for VR-Design Studio

The many FORUM8 software plugins enable VR-Design Studio to add value to 2D traffic, environmental and pedestrian micro-simulation data. In addition, plugins are available for other industry standard civil engineering and BIM products such as Civil 3D and AllPlan.

VR-Design Studio currently supports a range of plugins. See full details and features below.

Micro-simulation Player

Import, record and play back micro-simulation data within the 3D environment of VR-Design Studio. Import VISSIM, S-Paramics, Legion and Flood simulation software XPSwmm data. Many more micro-simulation models can be imported using a non-proprietary XML schema. For more information about the open source micro-simulation XML schema, visit OpenMicroSim.


VR-Cloud is a consensus building solution which enables interactive 3D VR models to be published over the cloud. Multiple remote users can interact with the VR-Design Studio environment via a basic internet connection via PC or Android.

Point Cloud Data

Import point cloud and RGB data collected using laser scanning technology to immediately create a millimeter accurate interactive visual simulation, quickly and easily.

Point Cloud PPE (Photo Processing Extension)

This plug-in extension provides Point Cloud plug-in users with the facility to texture point cloud data within VR-Design Studio with ortho-photos automatically.

Communication Plug-in

The VR-Design Studio communication plug-in enables users to interact with other users over the web using a broadband connection. This feature is useful for collaborative modeling projects, client consultation and training over a remote network.

Cluster Option

With the cluster option, one VR-Design Studio model can be run on multiple computer systems. This is especially useful when using multiple displays, as one computer system can be assigned to each screen, helping to improve performance.

Multi-User Plug-in

Like the Cluster option this plug-in enables one VR-Design Studio environment to be run simultaneously on two or more PCs such that each PC user can interact with each other within the same interactive environment. This is particularly useful in Driving Simulation research and training enabling the trainer to interact with the trainee driver dynamically.


Drive through a photo-realistic interactive 3D environment using one of many possible professional drive simulators and experience the real feel of the vehicle through a link to either CarSim or TruckSim the market leading vehicle dynamics software.


EXODUS is a sophisticated 3D evacuation and personnel behavior modeling system for use in building and infrastructure design and analysis, with particular emphasis on security and emergency planning.

GIS plug-in and Shapefile Import

The Shapefile plug-in is included in the Standard version of VR-Design Studio and the GIS plug-in in the Advanced version. Shapefile is a GIS file format that includes information on road alignments, building positions and the digital terrain, thus enabling VR-Design Studio users to automatically create an interactive 3D environment.

The FORUM8 GIS plug-in is similar but allows imports and exports using other GIS file formats (see below).


  • Shape file
  • MEM files (“50m mesh numerical value map” issued by the Geographical Survey Institute)
  • LandXML files
  • DXF files
  • slm, slp, sal, XML (1/25 000 and 1/2 500 numerical value map data issued by the Geographical Survey Institute)
  • TIFFs


  • Shapefiles
  • DXF files

BIM Import

Import and export 3D models between VR-Design Studio and BIM software in IFC file format.


With the InRoads plug-in you can exchange Terrain, Alignment and Cross-section data between VR-Design Studio and this Bentley Systems road design program.

Civil 3D

This plug-in link allows data transfer between VR-Design Studio and Autodesk Civil 3D to assist with the road planning and design process. Road designers can quickly produce 3D visualizations of the road network to observe vehicle movements and refine the design. The Civil 3D plug-in provides an object level linkage between the two products running in real time.

12d Model

12d Model is a powerful terrain modeling, surveying and civil engineering software package. Data exchange between VR-Design Studio and 12d Model adds a 3rd dimension to surveying and civil engineering projects.


The VR-Design Studio plug-in for OSCADY PRO enables users to take analysis data developed in this popular intersection design software and add value to it through the visualization within the latest interactive 3D VR simulation technology.

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