The Suite Chidori Engine* is a proprietary 3D graphics engine for app and content development on mobile devices, LiveVR multiplatforms, digital out-of-home experiences, consulting and academic instruction as well as world-class themed entertainment including enriching museum exhibitions, trade shows or live broadcasts,

In addition to the conventional game engine functions, Suite Chidori Engine supports the latest Visual Studio and FBX 3D model import including from FORUM8's Shade3D software. The engine boasts an easy to use UI, inclusion of model collision detection, particle effects, and sound design.

(*Copyright acquired from Premium Arts Inc. December 2019)

Key Features

Game Logic
The game logic system of Chidori uses what is a called a task system. The system uses nested actions to simplify developer’s required inputs. These nested actions can also be assigned priorities within the logic system to insure the actions take place in the right order.

Importing Models
The FBX format is a common format for handling 3D models, so it can be created and edited with most 3D software or tools. These models can then be imported into Chidori and be easily modified, such as updating the position, rotation, size, and rendering of the model. DDS texture formats are supported. The DDS format can be edited / created / converted with compatible image editing software.
Animations can quickly be rigged to the 3D models allowing for efficient animation creation.
There are three types of lighting supported by Chidori. Directional, Spot, and Ambient

Pricing Models

Licencing Options

Target Platforms:

Windows ®
Android ™ OS
Apple ® iOS

Education and Students 

For education and Study purposes the Chidori Engine license can be provided free of charge with no limit on the number of title releases.

Commercial Users

The commercial product is provided on a subscription based model. First year subscription is Free,  thereafter licence subscriptions cost USD 375 per year.

Support Includes:
・ Free version upgrade ・ Telephone inquiry / technical support
・ Customer support (email, FAX) ・ Download service ・ Maintenance information distribution service

Rental license
A rental license can be used at a low price by using it for a short period of time.

Floating license
License is verified via the Internet, Free-to-use anywhere there is internet

* The period cannot be changed after the rental license / floating license is started. If the period is extended, you will need to apply again.



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