Engineer's Studio

An Advanced FEM 3D Material, Nonlinear and Earthquake Analysis Tool for Structural Engineers

Advanced Structural Engineering Solutions

The FORUM8 software catalogue includes a wide range of specialist tools for advanced structural engineering design and behavioural analysis in major infrastructure projects such as bridges and tunnels. These are available as standalone products or as extensions to the VR-Design Studio simulation and modelling software.



FORUM8’s flagship product, Engineer’s Studio® is 3D structural analysis software for the determination of the non-linear behaviour of structures using continuous plate element analysis. Designed to meet the latest civil engineering standards for the construction of bridges and highways, Engineer’s Studio® enables shear strength and curvature verification as a test for the dynamic analysis on structures including material specifications related to load bearing, resilience and seismic influences.

A modular software system, Engineer’s Studio® is widely used by engineers working in some of the world’s earthquake-prone regions to define structures, materials, and loads for planar and spatial structural systems consisting of plates, walls, shells. With an extensive range of plugin modules available, Engineer’s Studio® enables structural engineers to create designs for combined structures as well as model solid and contact elements for large-scale buildings, bridges and tunnels capable of withstanding extreme seismic activity.


Key  Functions 
• Support for the Maekawa model, the world’s best standard concrete analytic theory
• Apply back-checks of previously designed structures through the provision of new analyses
• Broad applications in structural analyses including Mindlin Plate, cable elements and large deformation analysis etc.
• Triangular/Rectangular mesh, supports damping element, robust 3D interface
• Extremely extensible as it supports various analysis theory and nonlinear constitutive equation including the Maekawa Model
• Significant improvement of calculation speed. Plus, it is highly versatile and flexible as it can be linked with other AP.
• Excellent cost performance

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FREE - Engineer's Studio Seminar - 12th February 2020

FORUM8 will be hosting a seminar at it’s offices in Myanmar on 12th February 2020. International participation is welcome via the Web. Click Here for more information about how to join.

Schedule: 9:30 – 11:50 (Local Myanmar Time)

9:30 – 9:50  – FORUM8 CIM Solution
9:50 – 10:40 – Engineer’s Studio Operation Experience
Case Study 1: Fiber Column
10:40 – 11:40 Engineer’s Studio Operation Experience
Case Study 2: Water Box
11:40 – 11:50 – Linkage with 3D VR Simulation Software VR Design Studio ( aka UC-win/Road)
Discussion, Q&A

Seismic Analysis Tools

(GeoFEAS) 3D – 3D Geotechnical Finite element Elasto-plastic Analysis Software.

(GEO FEAS) 3D analyses stress-deformation of soil under static conditions and is designed for 2D geotechnical analysis (including axial symmetric analysis)  used widely in areas with high earthquake activity.



(GEO FEAS) 3D is a joint development by FORUM8 and Ukai laboratory  incorporating the ground analysis program developed by Ukai laboratory, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Gunma University and the FORUM8 Pre-Post processor.
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UWLC – Dynamic effective ground stress analysis Software 

This program analyses dynamic land transformation using finite element method (FEM). Taking into consideration the method of elastic theory based on effective stress, excessive pore water pressure which occurs during earthquakes and the declining of stiffness of the ground soils, it is possible to calculate land transformation by the hour. This program can be applied to investigating the stability of earth structures (banks or raised mounds), the lift of underground structures, and the dynamic interrelation between an earthquake and structures.


The analytic core of this program makes use of the land analysis program by Professor Ugai and his research laboratory at Gunma University. It is jointly developed by FORUM8 which is engaged in the development of the pre/post element of the solution.

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FORUM8's advanced structural engineering software is used throughout the world in the design, planning and construction of major infrastructure projects. Using the latest analysis techniques engineers are provided with all the tools they need to ensure that their buildings and structures are designed to the highest standards taking into consideration the ground conditions, materials and building methodologies.

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