Modelling, animation and rendering for Mac OSX and Windows

Acquired by FORUM8 in 2018, Shade3D is a 3D modelling, animation and rendering tool for Mac OS X and Windows. Originally created in 1986, it currently has over 500,000 active users worldwide.

Powerful 3D solutions

Shade3D has a legacy of creating powerful 3D solutions, and can now be used together with VR-Design Studio to create and incorporate high-precision objects into 3D models as well as allowing for seamless printing of 3D objects using the powerful 3D Printing Assistant function.

High-precision model data

High-precision model data created in Shade 3D can be read and used in VR-Design Studio. Loaded models can be used not only for landscape but also for walking, flight, and driving. Users can perform a simulation with real-time changes in time and weather.

Key Features & Functionality

Export from Shade3D

Models created in Shade3D can be exported in formats that can be loaded in VR-Design Studio.

Based on VR-Design Studio data, Shade3D’s photorealistic rendering function displays textures such as transparency and reflection on surface material, and atmosphere expressed by the gradation of shade thickness made by the calculated light wrapping around it.

Export from VR-Design Studio

VR data created in VR-Design Studio, such as roads and trees, can be exported in a file format that can be read in Shade3D.

Import in Shade3D

Detailed settings including gloss, reflection, and transparency for each object is available. Users can apply default materials such as metallic texture, stone material, and glass. In addition, users can set the solar light levels and add effective light sources like spot light. Arbitrary images and product contents images can be selected for backdrop.


Users can check depictions of light and shade and atmosphere such as vehicle’s polish, scenery reflected on vehicle body, transparency through glass, and shade density.

Virtual Reality Experience

VR-Design Studio allows Shade3D models to be viewed using VR goggles such as Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE to provide a fully immersive virtual reality experience for stakeholders.

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