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VR-Cloud ® is FORUM8’s next generation, consensus building cloud platform that enables multiple stakeholders to fully collaborate in the creation of 3D VR urban development models, in real time, via the internet, just using their normal web browser running on a PC, tablet or Android™ Smart phone. Using the latest “A3S” (Anything as a Service) technology, VR-Cloud ensures smooth transmission speeds capable of supporting a range of real-time applications, including drive simulations.

VR Cloud® Standard

Developed based on the award-winning VR-Design Studio software, VR Cloud® Standard allows 3D models to be uploaded, selected, moved laterally, rotated, or deleted from 3D environments. They can also be duplicated to be placed in the environment.Users are able to create and upload detailed 3D VR models of the architect’s 2D designs using FORUM8’s advanced VR Design Studio (aka UC-win/Road) software to provide a highly realistic representation of the development in the built environment. The models enable stakeholders to assess the environmental and aesthetic impact of the proposed developments from multiple perspectives with control over a wide range of variables. These include the ability to modify the pedestrian and vehicular traffic loads as well as offering a walking and driving simulation option for traffic management, driver training and safety assessments under the full range of weather and light conditions.

Any 3D objects in 3DS format, including those created in Rhinoceros 3D, can also be imported and placed at any position within the 3D model environment.


VR Cloud® Collaboration

Stakeholders access and control the models via a free client app (available from online app stores such as Google Play) downloaded on their desktop or mobile device that provides an intuitive menu-driven GUI offering different operating modes ranging from a simple viewer to full operational control. Download FREE app

In addition to the Standard version, VR Cloud® Collaboration includes features designed to encourage broader stakeholder involvement and discussion through posting comments and adding suggestions via community bulletin boards and annotations directly onto the VR model using a simple editor.


VR Cloud® Collaboration Features

3D bulletin board function

  • Users can create a discussion
  • Users can view and reply to the discussion posted by other users
  • Discussion is displayed in VR space with a 3D icon
  • Discussions can be displayed in a list by category

Annotation function

  • Using the simplified editor, users can annotate the VR space directly
  • The created annotation can be viewed and responded to by the other users in real-time
  • The annotation is displayed with 3D icon at the specified position

Conference function by several users

  • Communication by text, video, sound, and sharing viewpoint
  • Access limitation by password

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