Transport & Urban planning

The software allows users to build, manipulate and interact with 3D space dynamically.

The company’s primary software VR-Design Studio is state-of-the-art Interactive real-time 3D VR transport simulation and modelling software.

Its ability to replicate the real world interactively in photo-realistic 3D means that it has many applications, from driving simulation to 3D urban, traffic and emergency event design and planning. You can import and edit CAD data, build and texture models, build roads, rail tracks, tunnels & bridges automatically, view multiple design alternatives in real-time, both offline and online, as well as being able to visualize and edit intelligent traffic and urban cityscapes in ways previously not possible.

The VR-Design Studio (formerly UC-win/Road) development philosophy has two parallel objectives. The first is to enable the user to simulate the real world as accurately as technically possible. This includes being able to reproduce and control every conceivable environmental effect from rain, snow, wind, shadows, lighting etc., including time of day and geographic location. The second is to provide the user with a range of software interfaces (plug-ins) that provide added value to 3rd party industry standard engineering, modelling and simulation software products (including: pedestrian, traffic, flooding, tsunami, earthquake & landslide simulations) and other data sources such as, photogrammetry, laser scanning, Lidar and photo-logs.

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