Software Customization Service

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Software Development Kit allows you to create and add new functionalities as a plug-in to VR-Design Studio. A plug-in developed for VR-Design Studio requires a running version of VR-Design Studio. You have the right to redistribute the plug-in on its own as a separate product.

The SDK allows you to:

  • Setup and access to the 3D data and other static parameters of the project
  • Customize the user interface by adding your own forms and control in existing components of the VR-Design Studio GUI
  • Get real time feedback of the moving objects
  • Get real time feedback on user’s operations such as keyboard, mouse and joystick input
  • Control the position of the camera of moving objects in real time
  • Execute your own OpenGL command to integrate more 3D effects and objects in the scene.
  • Customize the physical model of the user’s vehicle

This manual is written for developers who want to customize VR-Design Studio. It consists of the following parts:

  •  Part 1: Developers Guide; describes how to create a plugin
  • Part 2: UC-win/Road API: describes the API in detail


The VR-Design Studio SDK is developed in EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES® Delphi® XE2, therefore you must use Delphi® XE2 to develop the plug-ins.

VR-Design Studio plug-ins are Delphi® runtime libraries. They are automatically loaded when starting up VR-Design Studio or can be loaded via the VR-Design Studio Plug-in Manager. Delphi® XE2 is not required to distribute a plug-in.

The customization is possible by the plug-in, which can access the application and existing data.

This API works with:

  • VR-Design Studio Ver. 8.0.0
  • Development Environment of EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES® Delphi® XE2

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