3rd Party Software Plugins for VR-Design Studio

FORUM8 software plugins enable VR-Design Studio to add value to a range of industry standard 3rd party software products in the areas of:

Drive Simulation      Urban & Transport Planning    3D City Modeling      Emergency Planning     Civil & Transport Engineering

Drive Simulation

  • Drive through a photo-realistic interactive 3D environment using one of many possible professional drive simulators and experience the real feel of the vehicle through a link to either CarSim or TruckSim the market leading vehicle dynamics software.

  • Linkage with HILS is possible through customization of VR-Design Studio using the SDK.
    Extract driving operation data (acceleration, braking and steering) and environment information (road surface height differences, road friction, crosswind etc.) from VR-Design Studio, and analyze the dynamic behavior in HILS vehicle dynamics (e.g. CarSim). Feedback this information to VR-Design Studio to enable realistic driving simulation in VR and effectuate realistic movements on the motion platform.


    face LAB is a product developed by Seeing Machines Inc., a spin-off company of the Australian National University (ANU). This system measures the motion of the face based on information from two video cameras that automatically track the person’s face in real time. This software captures the facial features 3 dimensionally from an image, extracts the facial features and tracks these features. When a facial feature changes on the screen, it will keep tracking even when the head rolls fast or when part of the image of the face on the screen is distorted, by choosing a new feature dynamically. The output data is; eye movement, position of the head, rotation, tightness of the eyelid, movement of eyebrows and lips and the size of the pupil (pupillometer).

    A person’s face naturally tells you a great deal about their mental state. By using this system we can measure a person’s intentions and the degree of attention from examining the person’s countenance.


    FORUM 8 in conjunction with its partner BMIA of Bordeaux, France is pleased to announce an innovative addition to its award winning real-time interactive 3D VR simulation & modelling software VR-Design Studio (formerly known as UC-win/Road).
    REM allows the user to use a graphical rule editor to create, compile and execute scenarios in graphical form. The module has its own execution engine that interacts with VR-Design Studio through a dedicated plug-in (rem.plg). The module has its own GUI to design the scenarios following flow chart logic.

  • Forum8 LogoWith VR-Design Studio and real car driving simulator with OEM-supplied, the driving simulation is much more realistic. Compared with a conventional driving simulator, a great improvement of the cost-performance is seen. Moreover, the biggest feature is that the user can freely use existing data or create a scenario specific to their needs.

    • Driving environment in 3D environment can be freely created via UC-win/Road.
    • Standard plug-in included
    • Standard VR data is free and scenario customization is supported.
    • Various environments can be reproduced via visual option tools.
    • Reasonable pricing mass OEM production
    • Supports high simulation needs by customization


  • Forum8 LogoThe Eco-Drive plug-in is a software module that calculates the fuel consumption and carbon footprint of individual vehicles whilst driving through a 3D VR model and graphs the results by means of VR-Design Studio’s driving log. Alternatively, they can “Calculate the carbon footprint”. The various parameters within the Eco-Drive evaluation formula are all capable of being altered by the user. All Eco-Drive data is automatically read within the Drive Log data file so that calculations can be re-created.

  • Forum8 LogoVarious pre-fixed movements can be set to models. In driving changing scene, various pre-fixed movements can be set to models. For example, when the car reaches a set position, pre-set model activity and various scenarios can be made, such as “Signal mast changes to red”, “Car pushes in at the intersection”, “traffic congestion occurs”, “a man starts walking” By using these scenarios, the plug-in offers a real-vehicle-like driving simulation environment with realistic events. It’s available to provide the real driving simulator. Analysis results of EXODUS and Micro Simulation Player Plug-in are controlled via scenario. Result of evacuation simulation can be replayed, camera mode can be changed, Micro Simulation Player can be played and stopped, to name some of the many things the scenario plug-in is capable of doing.

  • Innosimulation Inc

    An optional driving simulation feature that links the software to the OEM motion platform hardware of INNOSIMULATION, Inc. (VR-Design Studio Customize Option)

  • Forum8 LogoVirtual reality (VR) of VR-Design Studio allows you to easily studythe landscape, road design and traffic and also to check the road situation from the point of view of the driver via a driving simulator. In case of running the advanced traffic simulation, this plug-in would be very helpful.

  • Forum8 LogoThe Driver Training plug-in is used to assess driving competencies, correct operating procedure and skills against a range of criteria including sped maintenance, ideal route selection, manoeuvring , collision risk control, steering and pedal control. Scores can be assigned against the different criteria and the assessment results for each driver can be stored to assist with pin-pointing areas for improvement.

  • Forum8 LogoThe HUD plug-in enables 3D images of different views to be displayed on the main screen including mirror views. Edge blending at the time of projection via several projectors is supported. Available as a mask feature

  • Forum8 LogoThe sped meter plug-in displays the vehicles speed, engine speed and turn-indicators on a separate monitor and can be customised to be displayed on another PC

  • Forum8 LogoThe Simulation  linkage transfers simulation results in the VR environment to TCP/IP in real-time. Override of vehicle control and HUD display commands such as messages and images for the HMI simulation are also avaialable

  • Forum8 LogoThis plug-in provides a link between VR Design Studio and a HILS system for enhanced vehicle dynamics research

  • Forum8 LogoThe D-BOX Plug-in  provides an interface between D-BOX actuators and VR-Design Studio to activate up to 3 degrees of freedom of motion

  • Forum8 LogoCAN Signal & Simulink   plug-in enables vehicle information linkage in VR Design Studio via MATLAB/Simulink and UDP communication

  • Forum8 LogoThe camera sensor base allows te entry of the lens charactristics and physical sensor information and distorted image simulation by pixel. Equidistant, Equisolid angle stereographic and Orthographic projection and arbitrary lens distortion table are supported.



  • Forum8 LogoThe cluster option plug-in allows more than 4 channel display per PC and can synchronise two or more PCs linked to a network of monitors as well as a 360 degree dome screen and 6K digital signage. Synchronizes multiple PCs with a network to enable multiple drivers to experience the same scenarios.

  • Forum8 LogoThe Log Output plugin enables coordinate information, direction, speed and steering angle of the driven vehicle to be output to a log, Traffic flow and characters can now be exported, Data can be saved in CSV format and output as UDP in real-time through the network. Also includes a function to allow the distance from the driver’s vehicle to a specified model to a log file. Types of data and the order of export can also  be selected.

  • Forum8 LogoThe Replay plug-in records and replays vehicle and pedestrian movements at 1 sec. intervals in real-time

  • A web-based communication system and network-based driving simulation system which allows users to share 3D environments, synchronize data, change camera positions and simulate driving
    This Plug-in enables communication between multiple VR Design Studio (aka UC-win/Road)users.

    Users can send comments and scenery details (camera position/direction, time etc.) over the internet. These features enable collaborative design work and stakeholder consultation.

    In addition, it allows network-based driving simulation.

    In addition, it allows network-based driving simulation.

    • Sending and receiving control information
      Using the same data, multiple users can view the environment from the same camera position.
      In addition, by placing the server in the environment that can be accessed over the internet, information can be exchanged over the internet.

    Available functions

    1.Synchronization of camera positions
    You can share your screen with multiple users by sanding the camera position, direction and angle.
    2. Synchronization of time
    Various times of the day (morning, daytime, night time) can be synchronized and shared with other users.
    3. Changing the transmission interval
    By optimizing the transmission interval with the user’s system environment, users can use the synchronization functions smoothly.

    • Chat function
      You can chat with multiple users. Using the data transmission function of UC-win/Road, meetings and conferences based on UC-win/Road data can be achieved.
    • Network-based driving simulation
      The function to enable multiple users to drive in the same UC-win/Road environment is planned for development. For example, users will be able to drive around the same circuit course in UC-win/Road over the web, or LAN. This could be useful in research, where interaction with other drivers is studied

    Synchronization of vehicle data
    By transmitting information about each driver’s vehicle, each vehicle can be displayed in the same environment.

    Synchronization of scenario execution
    By synchronizing the start of the scenario, all users can start their scenarios simultaneously


  • It is a plug-in which imports the parking drawing data made by CAD system “UC-1 parking lot drawing system of FORUM8.
    – Outer parking bays, internal parking and signs (driving direction etc) can be accurately represented according to the CAD drawings.
    – Since the imported drawing data is treated as a model which is similar to the building and the car, it can be set on an arbitrary position or the drawing itself can be rotated.
    – Rendering performance has been improved using the Vertex Buffer Object for visualizing the parking model.



Emergency Planning



    The VR-Design Studio XPSWMM enables FORUM 8 users to add value to 2D flood modeling data from this FEMA approved software, by turning it into an interactive 3D real-time VR photorealistic environment.
    Applications include floodplain and river management analysis, emergency what-if design scenarios and Tsunami planning through realistic visualization.


  • Forum8 LogoThis is the universal plug-in of VR-Design Studio which enables the reproduction and visualization  of such as tsunami analysis code developed by universities and research institutions as well as of commercial-release tsunami analysis program.

  • EXODUS is a sophisticated 3D evacuation and personnel behavior modeling system for use in building and infrastructure design and analysis, with particular emphasis on security and emergency planning.

  • Forum8 LogoPlace sound sources and sound receivers within a VR environment to simulate sound spreading through the space. Enables analysis if the sound pressure level at each audience point.

  • Forum8 LogoThis plug-in uses the Debris-Avalanche Simulator developed at Kyoto University School of Agriculture.  FORUM8  enables the data to be efficiently analysed in a series of processes.

3D City Modeling

  • Forum8 LogoThis plug-in allows users to colour the point cloud (The colour information is given.) in 3D environment which was measured via 3D laser scanner.
    This can be used to give the colour information with high degree of precision to the one which has the low degree of colour information of point cloud due to the weather condition (weather and brightness) when measuring from the picture prepared separately or to the colour information to the one which does not have the colour information originally due to the specifications of measuring device.

  • Forum8 LogoReal-time VR supports 400,000,000 point cloud. This plug-in displays 3D point cloud data in VR space correctly. Extracting data during loading; additional data loading and fine adjustment of the display position including parallel move and rotational transfer are also supported. I addition the plug-in can be used to create TIN data (land an ocean bed) based on the point cloud, paste textured images and assign colour of aerial photo.

  • Forum8 LogoThis plug-in uses photo-logs to add colour to point cloud data  for use when the point cloud data is uncoloured due to the spec of the measuring device or adverse weather conditions.

  • Forum8 LogoThis plug-in enables 3DCAD format files  to be directly imported from 3D CAD Studio into the VR Design Studio VR environment. IFC format is also supported.

  • Forum8 LogoThis plug-in enables GIS Tiles publis to be seamlessly imported into VR Design Studio.



  • This plug-in enables models built in Rhinoceros® to be displayed within the VR Design Studio VR environment.

    DAta can be transfered between the different enviromnets  via a3s. Models in the process of being creted in Rhino are reflected in VR Design Studio for editing.

  • Forum8 LogoThis plug-in is used to analyse sets of photographs to calculate point-cloud coordinates and to generate models in the VR Studio environment

  • Forum8 LogoThis plug-in is used to export /import Open-Flight format data with the  VR Design Studio environment.

    Open-Flight is an industry standard real-time 3D scene description format developed, owned and maintained by Presagis. It was originally developed by MultiGen-Paradigm (Presagis) in response to a need for database transportability within the visual simulation community.

  • Forum8 Logo

    This plug-in enables the import/export of GIS data within the VR Design Studio environment

  • Forum8 LogoThis plug-in enable the import/export of OSM data  including roads, tunnels and bridges as well as road names, types and carriageway width settings

  • Forum8 LogoDWG is a proprietary binary file format used for storing two- and three- dimensional design data and metadata. It is the native format for several CAD packages including DraftSight, AutoCAD, BricsCAD, IntelliCAD (and its variants), Caddie and Open Design Alliance compliant applications

  • Forum8 Logo


    The IFC-SPF file format is currently developed by buildingSMART and is used by Building Information Modeling (BIM) programs to hold models and designs of facilities and buildings)

  • A plug-in to convert the scene displayed on the main screen into the “Munsell colour system”, and preserves it in the munsell colour file. It then becomes possible to use this scene for design and research by using the munsell colour file by accessing the file output with the plug-in.

Urban Transport Planning

  • Forum8 LogoVirtual reality (VR) of VR-Design Studio allows you to easily studythe landscape, road design and traffic and also to check the road situation from the point of view of the driver via a driving simulator. In case of running the advanced traffic simulation, this plug-in would be very helpful.

  • Forum8 LogoThis plug-in enables users to play simulation results created in other applications. XML format saving simulation results are defined and open for users to enable customised simulations in the VR Design Studio environment. Micro-simulations supported include traffic (cars and trains) 4D plan management software, object move inside plant and transportation of heavy machines for civil engineering


    PTV Vissim

    PTV Vissim is the world’s most advanced and flexible traffic simulation software able to simulate complex vehicle and pedestrian interactions realistically on a microscopic level.

    FORUM8’s Vissim Plug-in works seamlessly with VR Design Studio to create fully immersive, interactive 3d VR traffic scenario simulations.

    How it works.

    • The target urban network is developed in VR-Design Studio, using its standard features.
    • A 2D version of this network is imported into PTV Vissim
    • Data of the driven vehicle is passed from VR-Design Studio to PTV Vissim in real time .
    • The traffic simulation calculations are made in PTV Vissim
    • VR-Design Studio gets back the result of these calculations, regarding the surrounding vehicles and traffic signals from PTV Vissim and reflects these in interactive 3D VR
    • The result is that the PTV Vissim traffic simulation is expressed in immersive interactive photorealistic 3D virtual reality and can be viewed / experienced by the user / stakeholder in a variety of ways, including via The Cloud
  • Forum8 Logo

    The Legion Studio software simulates and analyses pedestrian movements step by step in a defined space and a wide range of environments

  • Forum8 Logo

    This plug-in enables users to model roads and intersections, assign signal phase and traffic, and run mesoscopic and hybrid simulation based on assigned conditions. In addition by taking control of the vehicle within the animation the behaviour of the driven vehicle can be reflected to the simulation in Aimsun

  • The calculation result of OHPASS (Optimal Highway Path Automatic Search System) can be linked with VR Design Studio (aka UC-win/Road). The optimal highway pass obtained by calculation can immediately be visualized in VR Design Studio (aka UC-win/Road).


    1.Calculates the optimal highway path via OHPASS

    2.Converts the calculation results file into LandXML

    3.Imports LandXML into VR Design Studio (aka UC-win/Road)

Civil Engineering