Advanced Driving Systems

VR-Design Studio software simulates the real world in highly accurate interactive 3D Virtual Reality and provides added value to other industry standard transport, engineering, micro-simulation and visualization software.
With its advanced semi-automatic road network production capability, coupled with its comprehensive simulation functionality, VR-Design Studio is the ideal engine for a wide range of Driver Training, Road Safety, ADAS, V2V, V2I & Autonomous Driving R&D.

Advanced Features

Calculation frequency control and SILS function
VR-Design Studio synchronizes both the visualization and simulation during
the same cycle. The calculation cycle and image update cycle can be set separately

Simulation real-time linkage plug-in
A real-time plug-in provides a new option to satisfy the simulation demands of V2V, V2I and V2Pedestrian communication & autonomous research. The plug-in sends real-time traffic and car simulation data to a 3rd party s/w and receives own car control commands, displaying these commands to the driver.virtual reality driving simulator
Because it uses the TCP / IP general-purpose communication protocol it can be used easily in a user’s development environment. The multi user cluster feature enables simulations combining multiple vehicle information (from autonomous and normal vehicles) to be run simultaneously.

Expansion of Vehicle Control Features
The ability to simulate different types of car lights has been expanded and can now describe and control: rear lights, backlights, fog lamps, side lights and 10 extension lamps, in addition brake lights, indicators and hazard lightsvirtual driving simulator
The Micro Simulation Player feature can play previously recorded vehicle motion when such motion needs to be replicated providing the vehicle follows a specified speed applied to any direction of travel, along with a specified acceleration and deceleration. Car keeps a set distance with the object vehicle and with the road’s centre line.

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