New & Updated 3D Models & Textures Added to Road DB

New & Updated 3D Models & Textures Added to Road DB

The FORUM8 Team have added a range of new and updated 3D models and Textures to its extensive Road DB database that are free to download for VR Design Studio (aka UC-win/Road) licence holders.

The new models include typical buildings that can be found in any city in the world such as fast food chains, tower blocks, houses, retail stores and office buildings along with road and highway markings to add to the existing models that already cover every conceivable scenario including emergency evacuations due to earthquakes or flooding as well rail, air, shipping and bus termini.

In order to enhance our database, FORUM8 is actively seeking models and textures from all our users from all over the world. If you have any models or textures that you wish to add please contact us at Railway and road models in design drawing format are particularly appreciated.
FORUM8 retains the copyright for any models or textures created by our team. NB. We also accept donated models but are also willing to purchase certain models for an agreed price.

[Models newly registered on Road DB from April to June 2020]

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