Driver Training

VR-Design Studio (aka UC-win/Road), the award winning real-time Interactive Three Dimensional (3D) Virtual Reality (VR) driving simulation & modelling software, is the ideal technology to be used in a wide range of Driver Training applications.

Whether training professional drivers such as police or first responders, or members of the general public, VR-Design studio contains all the functionality required of a modern training platform.

In addition to being able to power a range of different drive simulators, VR-Design Studio also has the capability to operate in a multi-user mode and hence enable multiple drivers to operate and interact with each other within the same 3D VR road network.

FORUM8’s VR-Design Studio software powers many different types of simulator hardware systems around the world, from simple game-style steering racks, to multi-million-dollar research and development motion based hexapod systems.


Controlled Simulator Training Environment

VR Design Studio  supports single or multi-student driver training programmes via a Central Control Station linked to multiple drive simulators equipped with all the normal vehicle controls including steering wheel, gear shift, accelerator, brake and clutch pedals positioned in front of a high definition screen (or set of screens). Instructors have a range of training exercises and pre-programmed scenarios to select from and are able to dynamically control the driving conditions during each exercise, while monitoring the performance of individual trainees in real-time.

Multiple training exercises include Free Drive and Cone Courses as well as different crash scenarios

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