FORUM8 Showcase the Latest ADAS Systems at The Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo

FORUM8 Showcase the Latest ADAS Systems at The Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo

FORUM8,  will be showcasing the latest Advanced Driver Assisted Systems (ADAS) technology at this year’s Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo. In Novi, Michigan. USA
Deployed by the world’s leading motor-vehicle manufacturers and university departments FORUM8’s award winning technology is extensively used in the design, development and testing of the next generation of autonomous vehicles incorporating ADAS and the latest Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) communication platforms.

Based on its VR-Design Studio (aka UC win/Road),’s simulation software, users are able seamlessly import Point Cloud data and photo-logs to create interactive VR models of existing and proposed road networks that can be used for advanced driver/driverless training as well as vehicle dynamics testing, road safety/traffic management research, under the full range of realistic weather and road surface conditions.

Visitors to the FORUM8 booth will have the opportunity to discuss the latest drive simulator technology. Incorporating Eye-Tracking, Motion-Seat and the SENSO torque-controlled steering wheel, the FORUM8 drive simulators are able to re-create the full range of real-world sound and motion sensory experiences in a controlled, immersive 3D VR environment.

In addition, FORUM8 will be demonstrating a range of advanced software and VR-Design Studio (UC-win/Road) plugins including its unique 3D-B-Vision and Shade3D CAD software. 3D-B-Vision is an Augmented Reality (AR) system that is able to project digital models such as cars and pedestrians onto the real-world to create a composite 3D stereoscopic CGI image.

Also, at the booth FORUM8 will be demonstrating VR-Cloud ®, a next generation, collaboration and consensus building cloud platform. VR-Cloud® engineers and global research teams to fully collaborate in real time, via the internet, just using their normal web browser running on a PC, tablet or Android™ Smart phone. Using the latest “A3S” (Anything as a Service) technology, VR-Cloud® ensures smooth transmission speeds capable of supporting a range of real-time applications, including drive simulations.

Brendan Hafferty, Western Regional manager at FORUM8 commented “Our drive simulation technology has evolved extensively over the past decade through working closely with the leading motor manufacturers and universities to provide many of the tools needed in the development of the next generation of autonomous vehicles. AV has been a long time coming but with manufacturers in a race to announce plans to launch new self-driving vehicles our technology is increasingly in demand by the top research teams.”

See u at Booth AV226

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